Post 44 Legion Nominees Bio’s


Randy Amos

I am Randy Amos. I am running for the position of Commander for Post 44 in Scottsdale. I have been a member of Post 44 for two years. Before that I was a member of Post 58 in Fountain Hills. I have lived in Scottsdale for about 20 years. I served in the Army for six years specializing in communications. I am 58 years old and have three children ages 18-26. Currently I am an IT Manager, managing 8 software developers for AMR Ambulance and Emergency Services. My current positions at Post 44 include Treasurer for the Riders, coordination of the Bar Bingo including scheduling and inventory. I offer assistance to the Junior Vice with the Pull-tab machine, and setting up the Patriot Room for special events. I assist the Senior Vice with building security by monitoring on-calls for alarms. I have assisted with replacement of all the chairs at the post, replacement of the ceiling tiles throughout the post and installed outside patio lights. I love this post and it has felt like a second family to me ever since I joined. This is the reason I am running for the position of Commander. I care deeply about this post and its members. It is my vision to see the post move forward with growth and profitability. I want to see new members join and at the same time support our current member’s satisfaction and comfort levels. I sincerely feel serving in the position of Post Commander I can make a positive difference. I ask for your vote and support so we can work together to insure that Post 44 continues to be a positive influence for the Scottsdale community, its members and for the Veterans we strive to support.

John Barber (withdrew nomination)

My name is John Barber and I am a candidate for the position of Commander with the Scottsdale American Legion Post 44. I first joined this post when I was given a free membership prior to being deployed with the Army in 2014. When I retired off active duty as a mobilized Reservist in 2019 I decided to take on an active role with the post and soon found myself being volunteered for the position of Trustee which I still currently hold. I have remained active with the activities of the post and am honored that some of my fellow Legionnaires recommended I run for Commander. As Commander I intend to lead from the front and work as part of a team. No one person can make everything happen. It takes a team and I hope to lead that team into the future.

As for who I am. I am a native Arizonan, born and raised. I joined the Army in 1981 and spent 38 years in the military in the Active Army, National Guard, Army Reserve and three years in the U S Coast Guard Reserve. My full-time occupation while serving in the Reserves was with the Arizona Highway Patrol from which I retired as a Sergeant after serving 20 years. I’m a lifetime member of the VFW, Arizona State Troopers Association and President of the Military Police Regimental Association-Grand Canyon Chapter. I’m married with my kids all grown and all out of the house.

Senior Vice Commander

Mark Craigen

Greetings, fellow Legionnaires.

               As your current Senior Vice Commander, let me just start by stating that I’m very excited about the opportunities that await our Post this year. Great members are running for positions this term which is very exciting. For those running this term I wish you all the best and for those who wish to run for a position you still have an opportunity at the May 25th general member meeting.

               I served 13 years in the greatest navy in the world as a journalist. My deployments to various locations throughout my career were dedicated to writing articles and photographing the hard working men and women and the jobs they performed. 

               My journey as a Legionnaire began 10 years ago by signing up online and joining Post 100. A few months later I visited Pat Tillman Post 117 and transferred.  A short time later I was appointed as adjutant for Post 117 and served in that role for two and half years. During the pandemic I decided to join Post 44. After attending a few meetings I was asked to take on the job of Senior Vice Commander. During my time as SVC, I worked alongside Rodger Wells to maintain our existing members and also recruit new members to the Post. I changed our security from ADT to Cox in order to have an alarm system easier to use and also had cameras installed, which has resulted in reducing false alarms and increased the security to the post. I would like to start a monthly “open house” to recruit new members from the neighborhood to join.

               That’s a condensed history of myself and hope that you consider voting for me as your Senior Vice Commander for Post 44, the greatest post in the West!


Mark Craigen, SVC

Scott Lane

My name is Scott Lane, I’m 55 years old and a native San Diegan. Moved to Scottsdale in 2021 to be with my new wife Susie Kaiser who is from Scottsdale. Susie is the current Post 44 Auxiliary Treasurer.

I joined the Airforce in 1986 and served for 4 years, then returned to college where I received my degree in business. I was stationed at Langley AFB and worked avionics on F-15 fighters. My 23 year career was in Information Technology and I now own and run a travel trailer rental business.

I’m currently a member of the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club in San Diego that promotes youth sports and local charities. I was a director and 2nd Vice President while on the BoD for 4 years.

My wife and I joined the post in 2021 and have enjoyed socializing and helping with everything the post does throughout the year. I have the time and energy to help more with events and managing the post.

I look forward to advancing the post’s events and membership needs and that is why I’m running for Senior Post Commander.

Junior Vice Commander

Kris Craigen

Kris Craigen: Candidate for the office of Junior Vice Commander:
It has been my pleasure to have served in this role for the past year. During my tenure in this position the following accomplishments have occurred: there has been an increase in the pull tab machine sales by 145%; developed a working relationship with the finance officer and bookkeeper to create accountability for bar funds; reestablished the adult probation program; increased liquor sales by 50% while decreasing the expenses; worked with the catering company and the club manager which resulted in the hosting of several large events that increased the profitability of the Patriot Hall room; worked with the Variety show coordinator; the charity committee and reestablished connections with the Arizona State Veteran’s Home to provide lunch and a show to patients from the Veteran’s home.
During my tenure I have worked to improve my skills by training in the following areas: Arizona Title 4 Basic and Management Liquor Law Training; Arizona Food Handlers Training and American Legion Basic Training.
My personal background includes service in the U.S. Navy as a Mater-at-Arms, married for 28 years to Mark, with two grown sons. My youngest son has just enlisted in the U.S. Navy in the Nuclear Engineering program. I was a member of the American Legion Post 117 for four years and have been a member of Post 44 for two years. During my time as a member of the American Legion I served both as an Executive Committee Member and as Junior Vice Commander. It has been very gratifying to serve Post 44 in my current role and I ask for your vote to continue on the path of continuing to make Post 44 a positive place for our members to visit, a tribute to our veterans and our community.

Mike Moore

My name is Mike Moore, and I am a candidate for Junior Vice Commander.  I am an Air Force veteran and a retired correctional office in Washington’s Department of Corrections.  My wife and I enjoy bringing friends to Friday nights Queen of Hearts and karaoke, Taco Tuesday lunches and Saturday dances.  However, this, we have seen a number of troubling and confusing decisions regarding the quality and quantity of services and events at the post.

While we appreciate the efforts of our volunteers, the current Jr Vice Commander is seldom seen during peak times to direct and assist those volunteers in the performance of their duties.  This includes Friday nights- our busiest night of the week!  Inconsistent service is the most common complaint, mostly due to not enough staff to serve food and drink, and to clear tables during peak times.  This will be rectified if I am elected Junior Vice Commander.

Incredibly, ALL special events and the selection of entertainment is decided upon by a 3-member Club Committee chaired by our Jr Vice Commander. No other Post 44 groups (Auxiliary, SALS, Riders, etc) have a vote on what events are planned or which entertainers will be hired.  Even the Post Commander does not have a vote on the Club Committee!  If I am elected, I will expand the Club Committee so that all voices are heard regarding the type of events and entertainment we schedule.  I will make myself regularly available to our membership and guests and do my best to manage the Lounge and Patriots Hall. We are blessed with terrific members and volunteers.  They deserve someone who shows up and has their best interests at heart.  I want to help again make Post 44 the “Best Damn Post In The West.”


Tom Smith

Tom is running to be reelected as our Post Finance Officer.

Tom is a banking and military leader with extensive international experience specializing in organization management and strategy. He is currently an adjunct professor teaching Macroeconomics and Strategic Management at Grand Canyon University. 

Tom was previously the Operations Head of Channel Management for HSBC Bank. His primary responsibility included leading a digital team with the identification, prioritization, and customer utilization of on-line banking functionality. Tom worked at the HSBC Headquarters in London where he kicked off and led global sales transformation in the branch network and telephone channels. He is a twenty-three-year veteran of the US Army (Finance Corps) having served in two wars. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  Tom holds a bachelor’s degree from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and an MBA from University of LaVerne.  He lives in Dana Point with his wife of 32 years, 24-year-old daughter who works for Live Nation.  In his free time, Tom likes to ride bikes (both mountain and road), taste wine and hike.


Carl Fredilin

Thank you for your consideration for the position of Historian. I believe one must give back in life, so I am glad for the opportunity to run for the office of Historian of this American Legion Post.

I have a strong desire to serve our Post as a way of giving back to our veterans as well as to our country. Based on my past experiences, I know, if elected, I will serve in a professional manner and do what needs to be done to help keep this post running well.

The following is a short list of my experiences:

·        American Legion Post 44 Honor Guard

·        US Army, Supply Sergeant and Chemical Team Chief

·        Electrical Engineer, Western Electric

·        Logistics Manager, Integrated Computer Systems

·        VP Administrative Services, Kemper Securities

·        Operations Manager, Canon, Copier/FAX Division

·        Director of Operations and Facilities, Green Dot Public Schools

·        Board of Directors, CoOpportunity Food CoOp

·        Disaster Communications Volunteer, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

·        Incident Command Volunteer, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

·        Communications Officer, Santa Monica EVAC (Emergency Volunteer Air Corp)

·        Radio Communications / Emergency Shelter Management Volunteer, American Red Cross

Additional Certifications/Training:

·        HAM Radio License

·        Homeland Security Disaster Management Certification

·        Homeland Security Incident Command Training

·        FEMA Incident Command Certification

·        FEMA Disaster Management Certification

·        Various other FEMA Certifications

·        Corporate Safety Officer, OSHA Certificate ·        Reserve Deputy Training, completed

Executive Committee

Michael Hatounian

Served four years in the USAF. Vietnam Veteran, member Veteran of Foreign Wars and Disabled American Veterans.

Member of Post 44 for 17 years.          

Past Senior Vice Commander, Executive Board member, music coordinator, chairperson for multiple Legion and Auxiliary fundraisers.

Served as legion bingo chairman and still assisting with all unit bingos.

 I worked with the Planning Board which included John Orendorff, Roger Wells and Barry MacMurray to develop the concept of leasing the kitchen to an outside caterer.

Recently served on the current planning board to discuss the current catering contract.

In 2018 created Honoring Our Post 44 Veterans which honors (3) of our members. This ceremony is performed during a Sunday brunch, approximately every 3 to 4 months to thank our members for their service to our country.

As more and more service post through out the country continue to close it is imperative that we elect officers willing to discuss and debate all matters as I strongly encouraged our voting members when I was Club Committee Chairman. As executive club committee member I will use my past experience and knowledge to help move our post in the right direction.

Barry MacMurray

I am a Life Member of both the American Legion and VFW. I served as Post 44 Finance Officer from April 2018 to October 2020; and have served continuously on the Executive Committee since then. Being the Finance Officer afforded me the opportunity to work with and learn from the leadership of Post 44, including the Auxiliary; and to a lesser extent, the Sons and Riders. I also got to experience the inner workings of the Post in a way that most members will never see. I hope to be re-elected so I can continue using my years of Legion experience to contribute to the future of our Family as a member of the Executive Committee. Welcome Home!  

Xavier Montoya

The Air Force helped me to leave my environment and start on a path to a better future. 

I was stationed at Maxwell AFB, AL for 7 years after a year of Electronics Training at Chanute AFB, IL. 

Both of my kids were born on Air Force Bases and my oldest had the chance to attend elementary school on base since we had on-base housing. 

During this time, the Air Force supported me in attending night school. So, I was able to receive a B.S. and an MBA from Auburn University at Montgomery. They paid for most of my schooling so I did not have to take out a student loan. I will always be grateful for this. 

And now many years later, I have almost 30 years of consulting experience in various industries. During my travels, I’ve learned to think outside the box while maintaining what is important to the customer I am serving. I plan on bringing these same skills to the American Legion in every decision I make. 

Ron Smith

Mesa, AZ


American Legion Affiliations:

Post 26 Mesa AZ   2009-2017

Jr. Vice  2009-2011

Responsbility – all entertainment

ALR Road Captain

Responsibility – coordinate rides/events and promote motorcycle safety.

                            Completed Advanced Rider Safety through Team Arizona, 2010.

Assistant Kitchen Manager from 2015-2017

Post 39 Gilbert Az 2017-2022

ALR Road Captain

Responsibility – coordinate rides/events and promote motorcycle safety

Post 44 Scottsdale, AZ 2022

Other Affiliations/Accomplishments:

Legion of Silver Rose – Northern Arizona Director from 2017-2019

DAV – LifeTime Member since 2012

Completed RFTW (Run for the Wall) 2011 and 2012

2019 established national non-profit organization Agent Orange Awareness of America (AOAA) of which I am the CEO/director. We promote the illness’ both to the veterans and the ‘cascading’ effects/illness to their future descendants.

Work History:

1975-1979 Phoenix PD, Maryvale Sub-Division

1979-1984 Cross Country Trucker

1984-2007 Deluxe Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Responsibility – As manager and trainer I was responsible for assisting established franchises with                         employment issues. I also assisted in the opening and training of new businesses. I was a franchise              owner/operator of my own franchise in Oklahoma City from 1985-1986 prior to my becoming National Manger/Top Trouble Shooter.

I believe that my past experiences and contributions to the American Legions can and will afford me the opportunities to assist and advance Post 44 in a positive and forward moving direction.  

Rodger Wells

I am currently Post Adjutant and an elected member of the Executive Committee. I am running to be reelected as an Executive Committee member. I am, this year, a 50 year continuous member of the Legion and have been a member of Post 44 since 2005. I have been an officer for our post for the last 13 years, including roles as Commander and Senior Vice Commander. I am also a life member of the VFW and the DAV. I have inherited, not necessarily through any personal desire, responsibility for many of the systems, processes and traditions affecting the post. I sincerely want to stay attached to transfer some of that acquired knowledge to younger members. After my tour with the Air Force, I worked in various technical and management jobs at AT&T for 30 years. I am a graduate of The University of Pittsburgh and hold graduate degrees from Baldwin-Wallace College and Pace University. I live with Dorothy, my wife of 54 years and we have three adult children and five grandchildren.

William Felton

I would like to apply and volunteer to be on the American Legion Post 44 E-Board. I have had two decades of experience working in business and making decisions.

My previous experience working with a Fortune 500 company was as the Director of Sales Administration and Facilities of the Western Region. This encompassed the business locations in seven major cities. I was authorized with purchasing power of up to $250K per transaction and single-signature check authority of $25,000 per transaction.

I believe this business experience will translate easily into helping make decisions which are sound and responsible for the Post. I would relish the opportunity to bring my expertise and integrity to Post 44 as a decision-maker and overseer leading to financially sound business decisions to continue the Post on a path to strength, security and prosperity.