Post 44 Pledge Program

We have a “Pledge Program” to support the programs and activities that define the true meaning of the American Legion.

Your donations help sustain our club, provide programs to veterans and give you thanks for your generosity.

There are five levels of support as shown on the chart below. Based upon your ability and willingness to support the program, we have an array of benefits as tokens of our appreciation.

If you would like to support the Post 44 programs through the Pledge Program, please come to the Post and we will take care of signing you up for your level of support. If you have additional questions, please stop by or call the office on 480-941-0130.

2017 Pledge Benefits $250 $500 $1,000 $5,000 $10,000
Recognition on website and honor list X X X X X
Invitation to the Commanders Dinner for 2 X X X X X
Post 44 Legion embroidered shirt X X X X X
2 Complete deluxe carwashes X X X X X
2 Dback club level tickets at a game of choice X X X X
2 Botanical Garden day passes X X X X
10% food discount through 2017 for the table X X X
Free hall usage up to 4-hours X X X
2 tickets to a Musical Instrument performance X X
Car detailing at your home X X
Gift card for food at Post 44 worth $350 X
VIP dinner party for 6 when you choose X