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September 24, 2018

Membership update:

2019 Renewed members   300

2019 New members 24

Recruiting new members is every member’s responsibility. National is kicking off a new program. Sign up 3 new members and you will receive a National Commander’s 100 anniversary pin.

In 2018, 63 new members have signed up. Below is a link to a list of those members. Please review the list greet any new member when they come to the post to make them feel welcome.

New 2018 members – Legion


May 21 2018


Membership status 95% is in line with the Department of Arizona membership status.  I would like to thank our members for the help call lists.  Remember as Members we should always do our best to recruit new members.

Thank you,



24 February 2017

Dear Members all:

The Office has for the next 30 members some smart and well-designed door knob hangers:

These are for you to hang (just one) on the following:

Any residence or business displaying the American flag or a vehicle with a Veteran’s license plate’ They contain basic Post information.

If you happen to also engage in a casual conversation: offer a copy of our monthly flyer. This says a lot.

Just one doorknob hanger per member to locate that one person for recruitment and fellowship, keeping our Post alive and well.

S. Vice – Sully

PS- Its amazing how many folks do not know we are here!


29 December 2016

Wishing all Members of Post 44 the very best of the New Year.

70% of our Legion members have declared their allegiance to Post 44 by renewing their 2017 dues. Let’s break all records and high jump all expectations by hitting 100% by Easter!

Because: Again, we have a crackerjack Club and Manager and Staff, a gifted leader/Commander and Executive Board that pursues fine results, and community outreach.



17 October 2016

Soon – Another reminder to renew or join or transfer to Post 44 will be arriving via mail from National Headquarters.

Let’s make this move – to mail our dues or drop by the Office (11AM-3PM Mon-Fri) or pay on-line.

Tom Paul hints that our “Early Bird ” dinner will be different and special.

Let’s clear our calendar of minor tasks so you can concentrate on the holidays ahead.



August 31, 2016

Just a reminder to members:


  1. Please keep your Post 44 membership 2017 renewals coming into our office. August + September are opportune times to show our Post 44 support.
  2. The Northeast VA Clinic is located at 11390 E. Via Linda Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85259.  Phone 480-579-2201   Fax 480-656-3333


July 29th, 2016
The following volunteers gave many hours during the past 14 years to seal, label and mail our Legion Newsletters:
Peggy Arbuthnot             Jerry Lennemann
Bud Brimhall                       Lee Lettieri
Doreen Burnett                Rosa Masson
Dean Callahan                   Mary Ellen Panici
Mary Clark                          John Parrish*
John Elliott                          Bob Pierce
Elaine Elliott                        Tom Redd
Billy Estes                            John Russell
Lum Houser                        Linda Russo
John Hyde                           Ed Schroot
Andy Jaime                         George Slagle
Marion Kirwan                 Steve Tivnan
                                                   Rodger Wells
                                                * Editor
The 2017 Legion Membership cards are available at the Post front office.

June 16, 2016

Please encourage all of your friends, relatives and neighbors to investigate, join or renew your membership and to come and visit our fine Post. We are just 16 new members short of our assigned goal.
Congratulations to the Auxiliary for maxing their goal. Anyone who is eligible for Legion Membership who may need partial assistance with their membership fee is encouraged to drop by the post for a consult, or phone the office, 480-941-0130.
Commander Roger Wells, Adjutant Pro Tem, Larry Gingrich, also generously attend to post memberships.
A grand “Thank You” to Auxiliary Officer Theresa Estes who maintains the computer membership records.
In the next edition there will be more news on the Legionnaires who worked on the mailing of the “hard copies” each month for a record 14 years. See you at the Post!
– Sully