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Squadron 44 is scheduled to meet at 7:00PM the Third Thursday of every month (except June/July/August) in Patriot’s Hall at Post 44. This could change however if necessary so it is always a good idea to check the Post 44 calendar by clicking (HERE) or from the Home Page of the Post 44 website!

You can contact us by calling the Post 44 Office at 480-941-0130 but be prepared to leave a message since we aren’t there all time. If the Office is open they will take a message for us, or you may leave a voice mail for us if the Office is closed for the day.

Another way to contact us is by sending an E-mail to the Squadron Adjutant at which is normally checked daily!


Squadron 44 will have a delegation attending the 2022 AZ American Legion Fall Conference and Convention from 4-6 November 2022 at El Conquistador Tucson Hilton Resort (10000 N Oracle Rd, Tucson). All Members are welcome to attend but you must be prepared to show your current membership card to be admitted to business meetings.

The Arizona Detachment has asked all our members to be aware of website Issues at which have been addressed. Please read the information at that will explain the issues and what you may need to do to access the American Legion – Arizona website.

Squadron 44 will be hosting a fundraising “Western Dinner Night” at Post 44 on Saturday, January 21, 2023. All after-expenses proceeds will be given to the PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA -ARIZONA CHAPTER so watch for further details regarding this worthwhile event!

Squadron 44 is hosting the Thursday night Bar Bingo at the Post on 10-13-2022, 11-10-2022 and 12-08-2022 – come join us for fun and a chance to win a few dollars for yourself.

“Early Bird” 2023 Membership Renewal started on 07-01-2022 so it is time to renew! If you are not sure how to renew check the information posted in the September 2022 section!

  • Annual Membership Dues are $35.00 per member.
  • Although the National Headquarters have managed to allow individual members of The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary to renew and pay their dues online – they have not integrated the Sons of The American Legion into this process yet. Individual member renewals must be done through the Squadron at each local Post.
  • The good news though is the Squadron is able to process membership renewals through an online electronic system.

As we work out the minor issues with being online with our membership processing there is an important step each individual member can do to help. Please make sure any membership renewal information you send the Squadron is accurate!

Many of our records are old and we are missing a current address or telephone number or E-mail for the member or we do not have the correct date of birth in the membership record.

To help us get your records in order please go to the National American Legion website at but, depending on the computer and/or browser you use you may be alerted that you are going to an “Unsafe Site” – do not worry though. You may proceed to the site and you will be taken to the combined AL / SAL website at: (or you can just type that longer URL into your browser if you prefer).

This combined website is why many SAL members have received new Membership ID Numbers in the last two years when the two membership databases were merged into one database.

Once you get to the website, you can create an account there which will permit you to update your membership information as necessary.

  • You must use the e-mail address associated with your member account during registration to allow data and access permissions to be assigned correctly.
  • You must use your name as associated with your member account during registration to allow data and access permissions to be assigned correctly.
  • You must use your Membership ID as associated with your current member account to allow data and access permissions to be assigned correctly so be careful if you are looking at a membership card from 2021 or earlier.

If you hit any problems with registering, please contact the Squadron Adjutant who will check the official roster and find out if the record is missing data (like your e-mail address) or has your information in error (like “mike” instead of “Michael” or a misspelling of your name).

October 7, 2022

The 2023 membership cards are in.  Renew now and be invited to an “Early Bird” dinner near year end. Submit your $35 renewal and we’ll get your card to you as soon as possible. Consider signing up your son’s, grandson’s or other eligible male family members to help us carry on the legacy of support to our veterans.
While you’re out enjoying the cooler weather, stop by the Post for dinner, karaoke, Bingo and friends. See you there!

Don’t forget about Sunday football!  We have all NFL games available to watch at the Post.

2022-2023 Squadron 44 OFFICERS

Commander Jace Cherry
Vice Commander Dustin Coles
2ND Vice Commander Chris Tempsick
Adjutant Mike Gannon
Advisor Lee Stevens
Chaplain Chris Adams
Finance Officer Jace Cherry
Historian Joe Cerino
Sergeant-at-Arms Ed Wallace