News and Information for June, 2016


A message from your Commander:

It is truly a great honor to serve as the leader of such a fine and historic organization. Please accept my thanks for your support as we move forward through this coming year.

Allow me to share a brief look at my “vision statement”. This is a high-level set of priorities that I think we need to get behind to succeed as a Legion family. They interrelate and are not in any order of priority:

  • Economic stability of the Post and Club
  • Increased volunteerism
  • Increased focus on the fraternal aspects of the Post
  • More support for Veteran’s causes
  • More delegation of authority
  • More specific accountability for major events and projects
  • Improved support for the Honor Guard
  • Better alignment of messages across all channels
  • More transparency of decision making

– Rodger Wells

Help Wanted!
We are in great need of the following:
Committee workers – Programs, Fund raising, Veteran support programs, Honor Guard
If you can help the Post, contact the Commander or any officer!

Update on Post 44’s Financial Situation:

To facilitate an Endowment fund, Post 44 is considering a working agreement with a national charitable foundation to facilitate major gifts that may be given to Post 44. This program will look to gifts of appreciated assets: real estate, stocks, businesses or artwork that will face capital gains taxes when sold. When sold through Post 44, all capital gains taxes and commissions are waived and the post receives a cash gift. A very large tax deduction and an annuity is given the donor also.

These donation sales could prove to be very valuable to members who have or are forming or rethinking an Estate Plan. If you feel you might be interested in discussing this in more detail, contact the Post office.


Recurring Events….

  • Live music Saturdays, click here for schedule
  • Sunday Brunch served from 10 am to 1 pm each Sunday.
  • Bingo on Mondays beginning at 3 pm
  • Tuesday Queen of Hearts drawing at 6:30
  • Karaoke Tuesdays from 6 – 9 pm with pause for Queen of Hearts drawing.
  • Bar Bingo every Thursday from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.
  • Friday Night Fish Fry is back! Starts at 5:00PM.