How Do I Thank A Veteran?

The poem below was written and presented by Guy Phillips at the 2018 Veteran’s Day Ceremony at Civic Center Park in Scottsdale:

A Veteran to me has an exceptional kind of soul,

An inner courage and strength I confess I’ll never know

To stand up to the unknown, alone and afraid

In his mind, yet overcoming fear, left no man behind.

While I sit in comfort and complain about my life

A Veteran suffers PTSD from the wars and the strife

And witnessed, and acted, for duty, for country

For freedom, for family, for everyone but himself

His lonely battered soul, remains his only wealth.

So let me Thank You today if not everyday

Because today I go home a free man

Not because of what I’ve done, but because of what you

Have done for me, you gave of yourself- a soul set free.

And I’m sure on that great day when I meet the Lord

He will say to me, Guy, did you fall on the sword?

If not, then get out of the way, for behind you is a veteran

Who gave his all for thee today.


God Bless our Veterans, and God Bless America!